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One on One With Grenada Tourism Authority’s New CEO

TA was able to secure the first interview with newly appointed CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Patricia Maher, on Wednesday and got to pick her brain about the future of Grenada, what markets to pitch the destination to and just how much companies like Sandals Resorts International and JetBlue Airways have paved the way for tourism success on the island.

What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism?

Mr. Trump has not addressed tourism specifically, but on the campaign trail he has signaled a retrenchment from globalism. He has talked about the possibility of reversing course with Cuba, barring Muslims from entering the United States (though the Trump Hotels website is decidedly international, available in several languages, including Arabic), and building a wall along the border with Mexico. In his victory speech on Nov. 9, he said he planned to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure — including airports — and make it “second to none.”

Agent sales critical, especially for small cruise lines

"Agents are paramount to us," she said. "I'm sure most cruise lines, if they were truthful, would tell you probably about 50% of their bookings come direct and the other 50% through travel consultants. At all things Crystal, over 90% of our bookings come through you guys. ... It is a partnership, it is a symbiotic relationship. We need your help."

Meet The Biggest Travel Company You've Never Heard Of

When we think of the big players in the travel industry, the first names we go to are probably the likes of Marriott or Hilton, American or United Airlines, or perhaps Hertz and Avis. Behind the scenes, we can probably envision CFOs getting ready for quarterly earnings calls, outside consultants advising on how to improve corporate efficiency...

Building a travel business through social impact

Last week, I referenced the rise of "transformational travel" -- trips that add meaning to one's life -- as a trend that can motivate consumers to continue to explore the world despite a drumbeat of incidents that might otherwise suppress travel.

Coincidentally, last week also saw the release of a training program that is essentially a how-to guide for selling travel that not only provides deeply satisfying experiences but can strengthen client relations, increase business and support the destinations and communities that are the foundation of the industry.

Here's Why Google Is Focusing on Travel

Recently, Alphabet Inc.’s subsidiary Google GOOGL introduced “Google Trips” – a mobile app intended to reduce travel related hassles by aggregating all trip information relating to day plans, reservations, things to do, etc., bundles within the app. The company has also ensured that the “download” button for each trip can save this information on the users phone offline. This launch comes nearly six years after Google acquired flight information firm ITA software and indicates the Google is finally ready to foray into the travel segment.

The future of social media marketing

The future of social media marketing looks bright. And tomorrow's social media-savvy travel agent is learning how to incorporate new tools such as Instagram Stories, live video streaming and 360-degree photos to benefit his or her travel business.

Travel professionals need to be curious and willing to look around the corner to keep ahead of the competition.

One company that is always looking forward is Facebook, and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently made comments about how the company plans to grow its global reach.