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The Secret to Giving Hotel Guests What They Want – By Jos Schaap

Hoteliers today are all trying to gaze into their own distinct crystal ball to better understand what guests want and how they can deliver on these guest needs and desires. In a recent Phocuswright Research Report titled, U.S Traveler Technology Survey Sixth Edition, travelers are looking for more engagement with the hotel property and those who run the hotel.

How to Make Your Hotel Room Healthier


Did you know that your hotel room has the potential to make you sick? “Hotel rooms can be a hotbed for germs, and the lighting and poor circulation in some make for an unhealthy environment,” said Deepak Chopra, a doctor who specializes in alternative medicine and an author who is also on the advisory board of Delos, a wellness real estate firm that is focused on creating healthier indoor environments.

Hotel Sales - Are You Giving Your Guests Enough RevPAH? - By Doug Kennedy

As I often say in my hospitality workshops, we in the hotel industry are in a very unique business of selling space and time, so we had better be REALLY good at the intangibles.  Although we charge them for rooms, the guests are buying an overall experience that is made up mostly of human interactions.  With hotel brands so quickly copying each other’s amenities, services and décor, just about the only point of differentiation is the human engagement delivered by the people we call colleagues. 

Too much Ed Sheeran bad for restaurant business, says study

Turn off the Top 40.

That's the takeaway from a study by the consulting firm Soundtrack Your Brand concerning background music in dining establishments. It found that certain types of playlists — namely, those comprised of random pop hits — aren’t as good for business as a curated playlist mixed with lesser-known, yet on-trend songs.