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How to navigate the new hotel technology road-map

CRM data, PMS data, review data, guest acquisition data, marketing analytics… these moving pieces are a bit like a solar system without a sun to anchor them.

They float around serving little purpose rather than working in unison toward a common goal. To give data some gravitational pull, we must de-complexify it (this one may not really be a word, but you get the drift).

Netflix Beats Porn by 40x for Hotel Room Entertainment

Still think that sex sells? Think again: On average, only one percent of occupied hotel rooms order paid VOD on any given day, and 90 percent of the profits from those transactions are for adult entertainment. But hotels that replace VOD with Netflix, 40 percent of rooms stream something from the service on average.

Elena Gkika: HR Director at Costa Navarino

The Human Resources management in the hotel industry is a particularly combinatorial professional category. Throughout the winter trainings take place that re-instrumentalize technically and emotionally the relationship of the employee with the brand; the autumn months are the months of the reward and the celebration of the human resources with parties where money for charities are collected and sundry celebratory events are organized; in the spring, experiential activities that renew emotionally the human resources towards the corporate culture take place while the preparations for the summer resemble the final preparations of the local grandmother to welcome her grandchildren at the village for the summer. So beautifully Greek.

One on One With Grenada Tourism Authority’s New CEO

TA was able to secure the first interview with newly appointed CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Patricia Maher, on Wednesday and got to pick her brain about the future of Grenada, what markets to pitch the destination to and just how much companies like Sandals Resorts International and JetBlue Airways have paved the way for tourism success on the island.

Butler service? Here's a peek inside those exclusive hotel lounges

For example, the club lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans is marketed as "a boutique hotel within a hotel." There is a buffet-style, staffed restaurant that serves full meals, champagne, wine, beer and cocktails all day, private areas for conducting meetings with comfortable seating, complimentary newspapers and a private concierge service.

The failure of hotel loyalty programs to defend against Airbnb, quantified

If hotels are counting on loyalty programs to keep their best customers away from Airbnb, they might want to come up with a Plan B.

Members of hotel loyalty programs are more likely than other travelers to have booked a stay in Airbnb. Thirty-six percent of travelers enrolled in a hotel loyalty program say they’ve tried Airbnb, compared to 15% of non-loyalty travelers, according to a Dec. 22 report from Morgan Stanley Research.

Hilton Remains Attractive Value In Crowded Hotel Industry

Fierce competition has always bedeviled companies in the hotel and lodging industry, but more so now than ever, as agile and active competitors have mushroomed, with bed-and-breakfast and vacation rental operators taking a big bite of the market. Even so, some of the large hotel stalwarts are still the best long-term stocks to bet on in this sector.

Hotel booking platform Trivago jumps 10.7 percent in IPO debut

Shares of Trivago rose as much as 10.7 percent in their debut on Friday, valuing the hotel booking platform at about $2.89 billion.

Düsseldorf, Germany-based Trivago's stock rose to a high of $12.18 in early trading.

Trivago, which is mostly owned by U.S. online travel firm Expedia Inc, offered 26.1 million American depository shares (ADS) at $11 each on Thursday, raising $287 million for the company and selling shareholders.

Hotel Websites Don't Matter—and 3 Other Insights on Travel Booking Trends

As Airbnb continues to disrupt tourism and travelers seek out more unique, localized experiences, hotel marketers need to break out of industry tropes and adapt to guests' changing tastes. "Where They Go. Why They Stay," a new report released today by brand engagement firm Sullivan and qualitative research firm 20|20 Research, provides a look at travelers' decision-making processes and offers tips for attracting more guests.